In 1973, the Liyuan Junior Middle School established a Bakelite factory, which mainly produced the Bakelite handle used in welding tools.
In 1987, the trial produced BS products passed the test of ASTA and gained the quality approval (quality system of BS5750). The factory became the first enterprise in the Far East area to gain this approval.
In 1997, the factory successfully registered the brand SVIE , and then the trademark was registered successively in over 120 countries and regions.
In 2007, the Gaoqiao plant put into use.
In 2016, the first automatic assembly line for switch was set up, which means that the company’s transformation to intelligent manufacturing comes into the test period.
In 1978, China started to implement the distribution system of more pay for more work, just then, the factory developed rapidly.
In 1989, the factory changed the name to Hangzhou Fuyang Honyar Electrical Factory.
In 1999, the joint venture of Hangzhou Hongshi Electrical Co., Ltd. expired and disintegrated. Hangzhou Fuxing Electrical Co., Ltd. took it over to continue to operate.
On May 28, 2010, the equity of Hangzhou Fuyang General tools factory and Hangzhou Hongshi Electrical Co., Ltd. and so on was bid by three companies: Zhejiang KNSN group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Tongxing Tower Co., LTD. and so on, controlled by Zhejiang KNSN group Co., Ltd.
On Nov 22, 2017, the company’s General Manager Mr. Yonggen Hu was officially elected as vice president of the seventh council for Electrical Accessories and Home Automatic ControlsInstitute of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association and the company also was officially elected as the seventh vice president of council unit.
In 1983, the Liyuan Junior Middle School changed the name of Bakelite factory to Parts Factory of Welding Tools.
In 1991, the factory started the business with Scolmore, until now.
In 2002, in order to take full advantage of the reputation of Hongshi Electrical and brand “ SWE“, the factory re-applied for registration of Hangzhou Hongshi Electrical Co., Ltd., which we used until now.
The general manager Steve attended the fair.

On Jan 26, 2018, the company held the signing and awarding ceremony with Hangzhou Dianzi University for “Technological Innovation Research Center” at Gaoqiao plant.
In 1985, the factory changed the name to Hangzhou Fuyang General Tools Factory.
In 1995, considering the continuing operation after the expiring of joint venture, Hangzhou Fuyang Genaral Tools Factory and Singapore Huaxing Trading Company Ltd. established a Sino-foreign joint venture, Hangzhou Fuxing Electrical Co., Ltd.
In 2003, the factory requisitioned eight hectares in Gaoqiao industrial zone (Fuyang) and planned several new projects, like PVC cables. Meanwhile the factory extended its industrial chain, which made preparations for the factory’s great-leap-forward development.
In 2015, the company adopted the 6S management (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, and SAFETY), combined the advanced management concepts with quality, safety and corporate culture and promoted the company to make a qualitative leap.
In August 2018, the company’s R&D center was recognized