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Happy Travel, Good Connotation

Happy Travel, Good Connotation

Issue Time:2017-07-06

                                                                           Happy Travel, Good Connotation


In order to enrich life and further to motivate the passion ofemployees, Hangzhou Hongshi Electrical arranged a travel event based on thetopicI contributeto HONGSHI, HONGSHI rewards to me.

Culture is the symbol of enterprise connotation. The company leaderspay high attention to this travel event, after reduplicative consideration, wechoose Yandang Mountains, Nanjing city, Mount Putuo, Suzhou Wuxi, SanqingMountains and Hengdian Studio city as the travel line.All staff participated inthis event with high passion after information issued. At 6:30 on 2nd July, allmembers gathered in Gaoqiao area and took their seat according to the number.After simple ceremony, more than 600 members start their travel with fourdifferent directions.

Unique mountain, waterfall, sunshine, sandbeach, sea wave, famoushistory city, film base and good relationship are all impressed by the members.At the same time, smiling faces and wonderful moments annotated the deepcompany connotation.

Two days flies, all members returned safely on 3rd July.

This travel event extremely reflects the love from Hongshi to everymember. All of them had a good relaxation and experienced the charm of nature.With their long view and rich knowledge, Hongshi will have a great developmentin the future.