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SWE held the Meeting for the first half year of 2017

SWE held the Meeting for the first half year of 2017

Issue Time:2017-07-21

SWE held the meeting for the first half year of 2017 on 15th,Julyat Gao Qiao factory which is located in Fuyang. All the managerial personnel inmiddle-level attended the meeting and the Chairman Mr Liu was invited to attendthe meeting too. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy general manager Mr Chai.

On the meeting, every departmenthad reported its work for the first half year and also make a plan for theworkof second half year. Then the General Manager Mr Hu made a comments on theworkof every department and also made a through review of the first half yearworkof the company and raise the detailed requirements for the second half  year work.

Mr Hu emphasized that the second half of the year focuses on several aspects ofwork: one isto ensure production safety; second, the departments should cooperate with each otherto ensure the smooth of operation of the company, and at the same time, hepointed out the concept of sustainable development and the target of building aneffective management team with execution, discipline, team awareness andresponsibility.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Liu announced aheartening news that the company had begun its official preparations for theipo. Meanwhile, the board of directors has the confidence to push SWE to a new high level. Andwe hope that all of us will continue to carry forward the fine tradition and work hard to make more achievements!