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CSHIA 2022 • Smart Home UP Summit Hongshi Smart Home will meet with you

CSHIA 2022 • Smart Home UP Summit Hongshi Smart Home will meet with you

July 14,2022
CSHIA 2022 • Smart Home UP Summit Hongshi Smart Home will meet with you
On June 30, the Upward Power | CSHIA 2022 • Smart Home UP Summit meeting was successfully held in Hangzhou Sanli New Century Grand Hotel.

This CSHIA 2022 • Smart Home UP Summit meeting focused on the smart home market! 14 keynote speeches were held around the most concerned hot issues in the smart home industry, and the latest development trend and pattern of the smart home industry in 2022 were discussed in depth.

At the same time, the "Smart Opinion Dialogue | 2022 Smart Home Market Growth Power Summit Forum" also was held, the "UP New Power | Smart Home Channel Service Power Research" and "the second phase of the new technology real estate smart home CEO training camp" were launched. Besides,  the "Hongshi Night UP Summit Guest Dinner" grandly was held. The wonderful agenda of the conference attracted nearly 1000 industry guests.

In 2022 the smart home market is growing rapidly, new products are concentrated, ecological link integration is accelerating, and the layout of new offline retail stores is developing vertically. In 2022, the new product innovation market will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend. The new product categories mainly are intelligent security, lighting, control and shading. At the same time, from the perspective of market situation, the demand for upstream manufacturing is big, and standardized development such as scale, intelligence and standardization is increasingly valued by enterprises. However, due to the impact of real estate, the growth of smart home projects has slowed down, and at the same time the " Competition phenomenon " is serious.

This "2022 Smart Home Market Growth Summit Forum" specially invited the core executives of Hongshi Electrical, Ruying Smart, Yeelight, BroadLink, Yingqu Smart, and Haoge Financial to focus on the core issues most concerned by the current smart home industry, aimed to bring more and deeper thinking and cognition to the smart home industry.

At the 2022 Smart Home Market Growth Summit Forum, Mr. Hu Yonggen, General Manager of Hongshi Electrical, put forward the following views on the development of the manufacturing industry

1. The “pain points” of manufacturing enterprises. Be customized, different varieties, different platforms;  Specialization, delivery, quality and cost; Lean Production, iterative updating of products, difficult to control, high inventory pressure.

2. Following the trend and helping promote enterprises’ projects. Zhejiang would build a demonstration area of common prosperity, which would provide more employment opportunities for enterprises that are engaged in smart home. Each enterprise needs to fully make the best use of the policy to develop according to its own situation. Hongshi Electrical is based on a manufacturing enterprise. In the past few years, it has also invested a lot of money to upgrade its hardware and introduce talents.

The company set up an intelligent engineering business department last year to actively meet the construction demand of local engineering projects, such as: participating in the intelligent construction of the "future community" in the region, participating in the weak current intelligent transformation of the smart office building of the local government, participating in the landing of weak current intelligent of some company headquarters, participating in the construction of the digital countryside and the construction of smart education (schools). The success of these projects, on the one hand, reflects the strength of its own manufacturing, on the other hand, is the gradual recognition of the company by the society. The company takes advantage of these policy opportunities to consolidate the project foundation and promote the model project.

Hongshi's intelligent whole room products are also the first to be promoted nationwide through lighting channels. In August 2021, the company held the inaugural ceremony of Hongshi Intelligent Full House Series in Huayi Plaza, an ancient town in Zhongshan, and carried out national investment attraction.

To put it simply:

1. The promotion and application of the whole house intelligence would continue to increase;

2. To explore different forms of smart home business from point to area, and accumulate experience and promote to more markets;

3. With the progress of technology, the price of smart home products would become cheaper and cheaper, and the market would become more and more popular.

On the scene of the conference, in addition to hot topics for discussion, many well-known enterprises across the country also brought the latest innovative products, which attracted guests to stop to watch and discuss.

In addition, the "Hongshi Night · Smart Home UP Summit Guest Dinner" named by Hongshi Electrical held a good banquet. More than 1000 people gathered in Hangzhou to share the prosperous dinner, share the friendship, seek cooperative chance to develop in common and talk about the future of smart home!