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Win-Win cooperation and future creation

Win-Win cooperation and future creation

Issue Time:2022/07/14

Be Win-Win by cooperation to create the future

On July 8, the 2022 National Distributor Conference of Hongshi Electrical (Hongshi Intelligent) was held in Hongshi Report Hall. Hu Yonggen, the general manager of  Hongshi, Chen Daihui, the head of domestic channel sales of Hongshi Intelligent, and other agents and dealers from all over the country attended the meeting together. They have jointly discuss the future development path of smart home from multiple dimensions such as market, technology, product, marketing, and service under the background of deep industry reform.
Entrusted by Liu Jinxian, chairman of Hongshi Electrical, Mr. Tu Jinlei acted as a special guest to preside over the meeting.


Before the meeting, the dealers, led by Qian Hehua (manager of Xizhi Commerce Department), visited the company's Party Building room, laboratory, workshops, exhibition hall, etc. Qian also introduced the company's development history and product categories in detail. In the Xizhi exhibition hall and experience hall, dealers became very interested in the smart products displayed by the company, and put forward their own opinions and ideas. The company staff answered these questions on the spot, and the dealers immediately understood after listening to them. The dealers' full confidence has increased due to the site-visit to the factory.


At the beginning of the meeting, Hu Yonggen(General Manager of Hongshi Electrical), made a speech at first. He expressed on behalf of Hongshi his sincere thanks and warm welcome to the dealers who came all the way to Fuyang to attend the meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Hu mainly explained several aspects such as the company's historical development, industrial structure, product introduction, marketing, future development trend. He pointed out that the market is constantly updating and iterating, which requires us to push ourselves to higher standards. On the cusp of today's intelligent industry, Hongshi hopes to cooperate with dealers to complement each other's advantages and to create a better future.

Later, Hongshi invited Ding Yu(the general manager of Shenzhen Huayi Plaza) to the stage to share the keynote speech of "ZHI HU LIAN HUI YIN LIU". In the speech, Ding first talked about the development trend of China's smart home industry and the advantages of the smart lighting industry in building the whole house smart industry ecological chain. He asked everyone to look for opportunities from the city of lamps in China and analyze the context and direction in the industry's smart transformation.


Liu Qiang( manager of Xizhi Project Department) shared the keynote speech of “Trend and Spirit “on the stage, mainly talked about the aspects such as product development process, product development team, product category, product development strategy , as well as the company's current direction of product development.


Qian Hehua(the manager of Xizhi Commerce Department) shared the theme of “Service and Business Model”, and doing a good job of connecting clients with the factory, so as to ensure the products are put into the market and after-sales service.


In the field of smart home, enterprises produce products and are the application enterprises of Internet technology. In order to realize popularization and commercialization of smart home, enterprise product integration is required, because only systematic home can provide the best experience of smart home use.


Jiang zhaorong, the intelligent solution project manager of Hongshi Intelligent Engineering Department, came to the stage to share” the System Solution of the Project”, mainly talked about the overall plan, project implementation capability, project preliminary layout, implementation steps, etc. In the program explanation, Manager Jiang used actual cases and pitched project, so that dealers could not stop listening.


Chen Feng, Deputy General Manager of Xizhi, shared the theme of “Product Development Quality Management” at the meeting. Starting from what was quality, it mainly talked about the relationship between product quality and development quality.


Finally, Chen Daihui(the head of domestic channel sales of Hongshi Intelligent) made a speech on the stage, "The transformation from the concept to the implementation of the whole house intelligent", and recognized the whole house intelligent, the whole house intelligent implementation, the Hongshi brand empowerment, and the future of cooperation etc.  Chen made an in-depth analysis of the market from the perspective of the industry, and shared the experience and methods of operating the market in combination with his own successful experience. The sharing of valuable experience brought by Chen won unanimous praise.


In 2022, in a relatively severe market environment, Hongshi Electric and all its dealers will be brave to challenge, shoulder their responsibilities, cooperate sincerely, be fearless, follow the market trend and seize the opportunities to create a win-win situation!