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Open smart life and create a better future | Hongshi smart home set conference was successfully held in Zhongshan, Guangdong

Open smart life and create a better future | Hongshi smart home set conference was successfully held in Zhongshan, Guangdong

Aug 13,2021
On August 10th, Hangzhou Hongshi Electric Co., Ltd. held a "Graffiti Empower Hongshi Smart Home Suite Conference" and activities in Zhongshan, Guangdong.
The participants included Hu Yonggen, General Manager of Hangzhou Hongshi Electric Co., Ltd., Sun Xintao, Vice President of Hangzhou Tuya Information Technology Co., Ltd., Ding Yu, General Manager of Huayi Plaza Intelligent Lighting and Lighting Store, and Chen Daihui, General Counsel of Hongshi Whole House Smart Set Sales. And more than 400 guests and friends invited by this event. The event was hosted by Tu Jinlei, Vice President of Zhejiang Jinxin Group.
At the beginning of the event, Hu Yonggen, general manager of Hangzhou Hongshi Electric Co., Ltd., took the stage. First of all, he thanked every guest and friend present for their support of this event. Briefly introduced the company's history, focusing on the company's technical strength, such as: the establishment of Zhejiang Hongshi Smart Home Research Institute, the establishment of CANS Laboratory, the establishment of a technology innovation research center with Hangzhou University of Science and Technology, and the establishment of smart home product research and development in Shenzhen company etc.
Hu Yonggen, general manager of the company, said: "Hongshi Electric should quickly improve the level of intelligence, optimize the industrial structure, and start the influence of the smart home industry!"

"At present, Hongshi has two markets: domestic and foreign. With the help of decades of production experience and Tuya's technical support, the foreign market focuses on smart home R&D, production and sales. In the broader domestic market, the company concentrates resources on In order to create the intelligence of the whole house, and also to create a better user experience of the smart home, the whole house smart home created by Hongshi Electric is different from other companies in the industry!" said Hu Yonggen, general manager of the company.





At the event site, a set of smart home products was placed beside each table. The guests took the real thing in their hands and looked at it carefully. After discussing and consulting with each other, they expressed their affirmation of the future development direction of smart home products, and they placed orders on the spot and joined in one after another. contract.
The event lasted for nearly 5 hours. The enthusiasm of the guests did not decrease, and the event received satisfactory results. This was also the first time that Hongshi held a product package conference, which completely made the company's brand resound in Zhongshan, Guangdong, thousands of miles away. some time. A good start is half the success. Hongshi still has a long way to go. On the way forward, Hongshi people will continue to move forward!
【Highlights of the press conference】