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"to welcome the Asian Games, to show themselves" Lushan sub distric holds the "Hongshi Cup" —tug of war competition for employees

"to welcome the Asian Games, to show themselves" Lushan sub distric holds the "Hongshi Cup" —tug of war competition for employees

Sep 26,2021

"to welcome the Asian Games, to show themselves" Lushan sub distric held the "Hongshi Cup" ——tug of war competition for employees

In order to create a strong atmosphere for the broad masses of workers to "welcome the Asian Games ,to show themselves ", and constantly enrich the cultural life of the masses, increase the team awareness and cohesion of enterprise employees, and promote the exchange and communication among enterprises, the "Hongshi Cup" tug of war competition for employees, has sponsored by the Lushan Sub district Federation of Trade Unions and undertaken by Hangzhou Hongshi Electrical Co., Ltd., which was held in the central square of Hangzhou Hongshi Electrical Co., Ltd. on September 26, 2021.

There were 11 teams participating in the tug of war competition, and the contestants were ordinary employees in all positions of the enterprises.

The competition would be held by drawing lots. The first eight teams would be divided into two groups to compete in turn .The last four winning teams competed for the top three. One after another fierce and exciting competitions were going on in the cheers and shouts of everyone, and the players interpreted their team's unity and fighting spirit in a unique way. In a burst of cries, the players tried their best to compete with their opponents for the " Champion".

The tug of war competition is not only about strength, but also about complementing tactics and skills. We should work together to make every effort. Whose rope is more tightened, whose rope is pulled straighter, and whose rhythm is stronger are all related to whose team wins the final victory. The skills and explosiveness demonstrated by Hongshi Electrical Co.Ltd. and Xizhi Electronics co.Ltd. in this competition are impressive. They have achieved good results in the group competition. The contestants have become more and more brave with their courage in the competiton, and finally they overwhelm the another party with their momentum.

Unsurprisingly, the last competition became the championship competition between Hongshi and Xizhi. This competition was wonderful. The two teams were "equal" in skill and strength. The only difference was that Xizhi's players were younger, while Hongshi's players were more pruden. With the whistle, the players from both sides immediately entered the state, with blue veins protruding on their hands, red faces, and "one two, one two" working backwards rhythmically. The red cloth on the hemp rope "struggled" for a while, but still moved towards Hongshi. The referee whistled, and the champion finally belonged to Hongshi.

They are brothers off the court and opponents on the court. In the tug of war, Hongshi and Xizhi united, dared to fight and fought bravely to be the first. They have demonstrated noble style and good spirit, showed their spirit and strength and also their perseverance of Hongshi as Hongshi people.

The atmosphere of the whole game was warm, and the cheer squad cheered. Regardless of the companies were people all side by side, fully demonstrated the purpose of the enterprises-- to be positive, to work together, and to exercise healthily. The spirit and style of the game were displayed! The game ended in laughter.

After the competition, the employees all said that they would take this tug of war as an opportunity to transform the determination of brave fight, the confidence of difficulties’ overcoming, the style of indomitable struggle, and the spirit of unity and cooperation shown in the competition into practical actions of steadfast and hard work, and apply the spirit of unity and struggle and being enterprising to their work.