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Hongshi Electrical Choir once again “Lights up”

Hongshi Electrical Choir once again “Lights up”

December 8,2021
Hongshi Electrical Choir once again “Lights up”

The original aspiration of the centenary struggle remains true, and the centenary achievements inspire people. On December 2,2021 Fuyang District Ninth Town (Street)  Arts Festival Award Party —— "Centennial Glory and Ode to Fuchun" - "Home on the Fuchun River" was staged in Fuyang Theater. The members of Hongshi Electrical Choir and the mass actors from various towns (streets) in Fuyang District performed on the same stage, bringing a rich cultural feast to the people.

On the stage, Hongshi Electrical Choir “lit up” the audience with a song "China in the Lights". This is the only chorus program. The pretty rhythm of "The streets of the city are ablaze with lights, and the community is warm and flowing with joy" in the lyrics made people's thoughts immerse in the happy scen of thousands of lights. "China's youth in the light is graceful, China's mind in the light is vast, and the thousands of miles of mountains and rivers in the light are full of light, and the original intention has changed back to a hundred year commitment", which fully demonstrates the national people's intentions and determination to build a well-off society in an all-round way behind the growing strength of the motherland. The Hongshi Choir is very proud to sing a song on the stage to express the feelings of millions of people about their new life style and happiness. In the loud voice, the struggle style and solidarity of the Hongshi people are fully displayed, and the inner joy and life enthusiasm are sung.

Since its establishment in April this year, Hongshi Choir has participated in four large-scale activities held in the subdistrict. The company's Choir consists of middle-level and above cadres, Communist Party members, Communist Youth League members, and company executives. Although it is an amateur choir, everyone still treats it as a job.

The chorus members are all employees of the enterprise and basically have no music foundation, if they want to perform on the stage and make achievements, they can only learn from zero. Moreover, this time, it is really difficult to show two voice parts and tones on the stage. It took more than a month for the members to prepare for this show.

On several days of each week, the members of the choir would gather in the lecture hall for rehearsal after work. The teacher's guidance over and over again, the most important thing in chorus was harmony. When someone's voices were abrupt, the teacher asked them to lower their voices. When members' voiceswere loose, the teacher asked them to lift their voices and sing. They should express their feelings and sing like waves, full of beauty. They should feel the warmth and happiness displayed in the songs with heart. Through constant adjustment, the voice finally has the feeling of chorus.

Centennial inheritance was stirring people's hearts, and the red melody awakens memories. The Hongshi Chorus once again performed on the stage. With the music melody rising, the members were excited and began to sing. The lights was flashing up, it seemed like that the scenes of thousands of lights were appearing in front of people, feeling everyone's happiness and joy. At the end of the song, there was applause from the audience. Walking backstage, many employees felt relaxed and said: the fourth performance of this year has finally ended, which is really not easy!

It is reported that in the program selection, Hongshi’s"China in the Lights" won the bronze medal in the competition. Paying is always rewarded, and efforts are always rewarded!