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Good-Luck of Beginning

Good-Luck of Beginning

Jan 30,2023
Dear Hongshi People,
at the beginning of working after the Spring Festival Holiday, Hongshi Electrical would like to send you New Year's greetings and encouragement.

Company invited the dragon dancing team to walk through every office and every lobby, hoping to bring good luck in the New Year to everyone. May Everything goes well! May the whole family of everyone is happy. 

After a happy, peaceful and relaxed Spring Festival holiday, we returned to work again. The good time of rest and entertainment is always unforgettable, but the wonderful life continues.

The year 2022 passed quietly, and the historical accumulation of Hongshi Electrical has increased. The old year has taken away the old things, taken away the frightening COVID-19. It left behind the joy of welcoming the new year, the hope for the future and a more inclusive world.

In 2022, we worked together and moved forward towards our goals, with sweat and effort, without fear of difficulties. In 2022, we worked together to fully demonstrate the Hongshi values of “professionalism, sincerity, innovation and innovation.” In June, Hongshi was rated as the "Demonstration Base for Specializing in Research and Learning of Special New Enterprises". In 2022, we also contributed to the world's hot spot of "environmental protection". In December, we held a kick-off meeting for the establishment of a green factory.
Let's pack up our dreams, set foot on the platform of the journey, wave away the clouds of our hometown, and join the big family of Hongshi again for the dream in our hearts and the desire to live a better life, turn all our reluctance into motivation, and put more enthusiasm into our work, so as to open a new round of struggle for the prosperity of 2023.

2023 is another new starting point. Let's work towards a higher goal with professional technology, enthusiastic service and excellent product quality and start a journey of innovation.