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Launch of new products -- create "smart and safe home"

Launch of new products -- create "smart and safe home"

Feb 14,2023

In February 2023, Hongshi Electrical and Xizhi Electronics launched a series of new sensor products portfolio around "building smart and safe home": PIR Motion Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Door and Window Sensor, Water Leak Sensor, SOS Emergency Button Sensor.


1. PIR Motion Sensor  --Security Provider

 Human Sense

 power collection and low power reminder

 PIR sensitivity adjustment

 Automatic linkage function
XZ-WSZ05  --Security Guardian
2. Temperature and Humidity Sensor

 Collect the temperature and humidity value

 Power collection and low power reminder

 Graph of historical data

 Automatic linkage function


3. Door and Window Sensor -- Obsessive Helper

 Monitor the opening and closing of doors and Windows in real-timeand report the opening or closing

 Easy to start the journey of smart home without installation tools

 Low power operation, dual CR1632 battery, long service life

 Low voltage reminder, battery power reporting

 Smart linkage with other Tuya smart products

 Adopt the standard zigbee 3.0 protocol, it can achieve linkage control with other devices cooperated with Tuya Zigbee gateway

 The product is suitable for various intelligent application scenarios of home, consumer places and office buildings


4. Water Leak Sensor-- Security Reminder

 Real-time immersion detection and immersion report

 Smart linkage: when leakage happens, push alarm to the APP and linkage the sound and light alarm workor linkage the smart water value to close

 Battery power report

 Historical data record: The APP device panel supports the historical record of flood prevention and disassembly anomalies


5. SOS Emergency Button sensor-- Security Speaker

 SOS emergency alarm

 Simple start of smart home journey without installing tools

 Low power operation, dual CR2032 battery, long service life

 With low voltage monitoring and reminding function, battery power report

 Set smart linkage with other tuya smart product

 Become a scene switch